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7 Benefits of Investing In Multifamily Real Estate

Multiple multifamily buildings next to each other

For investors seeking an additional source of monthly income and a modest but consistent increase in the value of their portfolio, rental property investing is the best investment method. There are two real estate properties in which one may invest: single-family and multifamily. Single-family properties are properties with only one rental unit. In contrast, multifamily…

COVID-19 is Changing Real Estate Investing

COVID-19 and Real Estate Investing

COVID-19 and Real Estate Investing – Whether it is showing off a property or signing contracts, there is no doubt that real estate is a face-to-face business. Yet, as COVID-19 forces people to limit their social interactions, realtors are reinventing the way they do business. Using the telephone and apps like FaceTime, real estate agents…

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Hagerstown

Real Estate Investment

Hagerstown Investing Real Estate Investment Opportunities. Hagerstown presents numerous opportunities for investors. RG Realty and Roberto Gonzalez Can Help you to Invest in Real Estate and most importantly earn Passive Income. Many new investors don’t know where or how to start investing  in Real Estate. Consequently you need the help of a local Realtor with ample knowledge of each of…

Waking Up Your Capital

Waking Up Your Capital Have you ever ask yourself Why Buy An Apartment Building in Hagerstown? Hello, Very briefly want to tell you about a conversation I have with a friend yesterday, we where talking about saving money, and how important was for him to be able to leave something to his kids! he said,…

Retirement Cash The Ultimate Retirement Portfolio

Retirement cash – Ultimate Retirement Cash Flow  in Hagerstown-There is not a better way to build up a retirement cash flow than rental real estate.  Between the safer leverage than other investments and the tax advantages, there is not a better way to fund the retirement lifestyle you want.

Investment Property | Hagerstown Maryland

Investment Property

NEW INVESTORS Investment Property – Once again, Just closed on another real estate investment property in Hagerstown, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the seller, Brian Beard, It was a very easy deal, very accommodating and reasonable, I love to do creative deals!   Sincerest thanks for giving me the opportunity,  I really valued…

Hagerstown Real Estate Services

Hagerstown Real Estate Services

Hagerstown Real Estate Services Hagerstown Real Estate Services – RG Realty and Roberto Gonzalez offer, skillful brokerage services in Hagerstown for everything from Commercial properties, luxury estates to small suburban houses. Whether you’re an investor buying buildings, new home selling an old one, or simply leasing. I will provide an approach tailored to your specific…