Ryan Deal

I had two properties in Hagerstown that needed to be sold. One was a mixed-use property which needed renovated and the other was a duplex. Roberto had them both sold faster then I realized was possible. Roberto is professional, extremely knowledgeable and has the right contacts to get things done. He will be the only broker that I use from now on. He will work with you to get the results that you want; gives his honest opinion, and maintains realistic expectations. Do yourself a favor, give him a call today. You will not be disappointed.

Frank C Zetera

I typically do not write a review for anything or anyone, but the outstanding service I received from Roberto definitely calls for an exception. Roberto always answers the phone and put quality over quantity when it came to helping me purchasing my first investment property. What I mean by quality is I were not just a “number” to him, he genuinely cared to get to know me and familiarize himself with what I was comfortable with when purchasing a property. An added bonus is that Roberto was 100% professional at all times, patient with anything I ask, and knew when to be aggressive in order to get us under contract! He is a valuable asset to any investor and I greatly appreciate everything he did for me. Thanks again Roberto!

Dennis & Kate Zerance

Roberto … I can’t Thank You enough for the fantastic job you did selling our home in just “NINE DAYS” plus for more money than our asking price! Your hustle, diligence and overall complete understanding of the reality market in Hagerstown still amazes me. I also was impressed with your easy manner plus your accessibly anytime we needed to talk. You always responded to our calls, which was comforting in a stressful situation. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone looking for an accomplished realtor to either buy or sell their property. On a scale from 1 to 10, you are a 12!  Thanks again from my wife and myself for a job well done!

Dennis & Kate Zerance

Ministerio Fuego Fresco

Hace aproximadamente un año, tuvimos como Ministerio, la necesidad de comprar un edificio en el cual establecer nuestra Iglesia. En ese tiempo, contactamos al Sr. Roberto González, por dos razones, es un Realtor y es hispano., lo cual nos ayudaba a poder explicarle cuales eran nuestras necesidades como Iglesia.

Por aproximadamente un año, el Sr. Roberto González, tuvo la amabilidad de mostrarnos diferentes edificios, pero no solo eso, sino que además tuvimos la oportunidad de conocerlo y pudimos darnos cuenta que es más que solo un vendedor de casas, sino que además es un excelente ser humano, pues no solo estaba enfocado en vendernos un edificio, sino que nos llevó a conseguir el mejor edificio de acuerdo a nuestras necesidades, las cuales siempre tuvo en mente.

Trabajar con el Sr. Roberto González fue para nosotros como Ministerio una bendición y como pastores un placer.


Great Agent! My husband and I are so happy that your friend and our client- Sheryl Bowers introduced you to us. Not only you took the time to walk around with us on a late night to check out an old and creepy property in Hagerstown, but you answered our phone calls, texts, emails almost immediately every time and ANY time we had questions/concerns. You were just RIGHT on it!!!

We have our own business and we understand the importance part of Customer Service and working with a Customer especially a “hard to please” customer like me haha. You just have it! You know your job. You obviously are very passionate about it and you care! That’s the key of success! We know any clients out there that have an opportunity to work with you or to be served by you, would be very please!!! We are pleased! Thank you for the awesome purchase and we look forward to working with you more in the near future! All the best!!! Vi Khuong Nguyen VIVO Hair Salon & Day Spa, INC (Harpers Ferry, WV)


Roberto has always been straight forward about everything. He keeps in good communication, and answers even the silly questions I ask. THANKS ROBERTO!


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Aristides Cruz
Aristides Cruz

I had a great experience working with Roberto. I Know him for many years, I have purchase several properties with him in Hagerstown! Always responsive to all of my requests and questions, and he knew far more than I ever hoped to about the process of buying investment properties. I always recommend Roberto to all my friends and family

Miriam Artiles

Roberto is by far the most experience agent, he help with the purchase of our first home in Hagerstown, and now he help to find a great investment property. I look forward to keep working with him, I will recommend Roberto to all my friends and family.

Lluvia Noriega and Juan Ochoa

Roberto was by far the best agent for us! We recently purchase our first home in Hagerstown. We recommend Roberto to anyone looking to buy, it was great that he also speaks Spanish, he was able to explain with great detail the buying process to us. He did a great Job.

William Wheefner

Roberto is simply the best agent, Helped me sell a home Roberto not only sold a house for me in Smithsburg, but in Hagerstown also. Would have him again if I ever need to sell another home. THANKS ROBERTO it was nice working with you!

Bayron Miranda

Thank you Roberto, you gave us the best experience in buying our first home in Hagerstown, everything was explained clearly and I really appreciated the personal attention you understood my needs and responded promptly I will highly recommend Roberto to anyone !!

Henry P. Kass

Roberto Hi – Congratulations to you and GREAT JOB!! I really mean it, from start to finish you worked hard, diligently and professionally. And got a great, under the circumstances, result for the bank. And from one professional to another, I really enjoyed working with you and appreciated your superior effort.

You can absolutely use my comments as a testimonial and I would be happy to talk with anyone directly about you top notch services. I will look forward to the next time we can work together. And in the meantime, happy, healthy and safe holidays to you and your family

Best Regards – Henry P. Kass

Silvia Ruiz
Silvia Ruiz

I recommend Roberto to everyone I know. He’s a true professional and a genuinely nice guy. Selling a home now days isn’t easy, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better Realtor. If the time ever comes when I will be looking for a new home, there isn’t any question on who my Realtor will be! Roberto is the best of the best!!

Charlene Gearhart

Thank you Roberto for selling my commercial property in Hagerstown and making the sale professional …. you made it very effortless for me…. Thank You !!!!!

Sila Alegret Bartel

We had a great experience with Roberto Gonzalez due to his knowledge and specialized expertise in the Hagerstown real estate market. We will definitely consider Roberto for our next real estate purchase.

Roberto Espinoza

Roberto, Please accept my sincere gratitude for your help, Selling my home in Hagerstown  and guide me trough the short sale process and avoid foreclosure, wasn’t easy ! It was a stresfull time, I can’t thank you enough, Thank you so much for helping me

Janice Graham

A few months ago I decided the market was right to start looking for a home to purchase. I looked online and found a couple of properties I wanted to see in person. I contacted an agent whose name was listed. That agent promised to call me back the following week but never did.I contacted another agent who was also unavailable and gave me very little information. While waiting for someone to call me back, I continued to look online and found an appealing property. I decided to drive by it and saw it was actually was very attractive on the outside. I really wanted to see it inside right away. The listing agent was Roberto Gonzalez. I called Roberto and asked to see the property, expecting to have to wait a couple of days or more, based on my previous experiences. A friendly helpful voice came on the line, and Roberto said “Sure, how about meeting me there in an hour or so”? Right there I suspected I had finally found the right person to help me find my new home. Well, I did not end up with that house, but I did find my new home eventually. Throughout the process of looking at properties, writing a contract and purchasing my home, Roberto could not have been more pleasant, helpful or knowledgeable. He always returned my calls promptly. He always managed to meet me at properties to view within short period of time. He was able to answer every question I threw at him and if he needed to get back to me for anything I knew that I could count on him to do that and to be very thorough. He was exceedingly professional, patient and pleasant, willing to explain things to me repeatedly if necessary. When the negotiations got tense, he handled everything calmly and expertly and saved me money on the deal. I have never written a review on a real estate agent before, but my experience with Roberto Gonzalez as my agent has inspired me to do so. If anyone I know asks me if I know a good agent, I will enthusiastically recommend Roberto, knowing they will be glad I did”.

C & S Construction

Not the first time I use Roberto, sold many properties for me in the past, and help me find investments properties too, Simply the best service, your commitment to my company was exceptional like always, will recommend Roberto Gonzalez for all your real estate needs, Thank you Roberto you exceeded all my expectations.

Nancy Eddington

Great Realtor, We tried a few different Realtor;s with poor results: didn’t get callbacks, had to do some of the work myself that the Realtor should have been doing,. or they didn’t get what type of home and price range we were looking for. Then we discovered Roberto and we are so excited to have found him. He is very experienced, very responsive and very personable. We trust him to guide us through the home process and we plan to work with him for many years in both buying and selling. I would highly recommend him.

Olesia Kosenko

He always keeps his promises, and he is working hard to help a client. I was really satisfied that I chose Roberto as a Realtor. I will definitely use Roberto again in the future, it was a real pleasure working with him, I would recommend Roberto to anyone.

Chris Jones

As an Investor, Roberto was invaluable to us in finding and negotiating our first multi-family property in Hagerstown. He is very responsive and knowledgeable about the area and real estate investing in general. We plan on using Roberto to purchase further properties.

Kenneth Berry

I use Roberto for all my transactions in Hagerstown. As a Real Estate Investor I use Roberto for 3 to 4 transactions a year. Don’t be deceived by the agents with their many For Sale signs. Roberto has many of his properties listed, negotiated, and sold before a sign needs to be ordered.

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