Leasing – One of our numerous specialties is assisting  property owners  and business owners of every kind with effectively leasing existing office or commercial retail space in Hagerstown. My knowledge of the market, transaction abilities and connections, allows me to understand the particular needs of property owners, business owners and tenants alike, I have access to the most broad up cutting-edge theology on the market to get timely, verified, and reliable data accessible to commercial real estate agents and understand the particular needs of my clients. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to succeed, I would be delighted to meet and discuss the best way to lease your property.  There is no charge for this confidential consultation, and you are not obligated  to use my services in any way.

Many small business owners leave money on the table by not fully understanding how to negotiate their lease. Buried within the boring fine print of your lease lurk ten negotiating points that can save you big bucks. Don’t let intimidating legalese keep you from pocketing the great benefit of being a smart landlord or tenant! Yes, you will have to do some homework and put in a little time and effort learning the ropes. But help is available, and this article is a good place to begin.


Please visit my Resource page, I have put together a series of articles to try to help and guide my clients through the sometimes complex and stressful process of negotiating a commercial lease.     

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