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Sold Another Downtown Hagerstown Multi-Family property

Downtown Hagerstown Multi-Family property

Starting the year strong with another Downtown Hagerstown Multi-Family property SOLD, this time, a nice  8 unit building centrally located. thank you Jonathan from BCT Bank to take care of my customer with the financing, as allays great work, also want to thank my client, the seller,  Amanda, for the opportunity and put her trust on me to sell her property,  finally, I would like to thank Richard Vieira from Premier Settlements and Staff for playing a very important role in making my closings so smooth. Thank you

Downtown Hagerstown Multi-Family property

Income or Equity, Real estate investing is one of the best business models for creating long-term profitability and success. Though it takes hard work and can involve large amounts of financial risk, few opportunities offer the same potential for building wealth that comes with real estate. However, there are two very different approaches to the real estate investment business. The first focuses on acquiring large amounts of income in the short run by buying, repairing and reselling homes for potentially large profits. The other, somewhat more conservative method, involves building a portfolio of homes in order to gain wealth in equity and rental incomes. Here are the pros and cons of each of these methods. continue reading

Marketing and Selling  Downtown Hagerstown Multi-Family property

Getting the best value for your multifamily dwelling is obviously at the top of your list as a seller of property in Hagerstown, MD. Helping you to realize that goal is my most important job. I use the latest technology and current marketing statistics to successfully leverage buildings for sale for institutional investors, private equity investors, and individual owners. My winning solutions are responsible for fast, profitable sales, which are possible due to my level of experience in the multi-family market. I believe that I add undeniable value to each real estate transaction through my exceptional management capabilities and years of experience.

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