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Best Areas for Real Estate Investors in Maryland

Photo of Baltimore inner harbor as a featured image for post about areas for real estate investors in Maryland

Despite being a tiny coastal state, Maryland is home to many urban, suburban, and rural areas. The state is dotted with smaller cities, with the most people concentrated in the I-95 corridor between Baltimore and Washington, DC. Due to the diverse geography and many different urban developments, Maryland offers much to prospective developers and investors. Maryland…

New Business Owner

New Business Owner

New Business Owner New Business Owner in Hagerstown. I want to congratulate you on your new business venture in Hagerstown and finally becoming your own boss, You’ve always been the one who had lots of determination and focus. Happy to be able to help you become a business owner and be able to fulfill the American dream with entrepreneurial spirit, good…

Choosing the Perfect Agent in Hagerstown

Choosing the Perfect Agent to Help You Find the Perfect Home Choosing the Perfect Agent -When it comes to real estate agent in Hagersown, not all agents are created equal.  Although personality will ultimately play a vital role in how well everyone works together, you do need to find that perfect mix of personality, knowledge,…

Merry Christmas from RG Realty

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays As the holiday season is upon us, the team at RG Realty reflects on the past year and those who have helped to shape our business. It’s been quite a year for us! We hope that it has been just as memorable for you, and your loved ones, May the…

17144 Virginia Ave, Hagerstown MD 21740

  • 17144 Virginia Ave
  • 17144 Virginia Ave
  • 17144 Virginia Ave

17144 Virginia Ave, Hagerstown MD 21740 17144 Virginia Ave, Another successful $$$closing for RG REALTY and Roberto Gonzlez, Closed today on another 6 unit apartment building in Hagerstown , lots of potential for a long term investment that will cash flow for many years, my friend understands the importance of investing for the future and  how to generate…

925-927 Hamilton Blvd, Hagerstown Md 21740

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  • 925 Hamilton Blvd
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925-927 Hamilton Blvd, Hagerstown Md 21740 925-927 Hamilton Blvd, This three story all brick building, is located at the North End of Hagerstown Historic District, in a quiet suburban neighborhood, and features 6 units, five 1BR and One 2BR 1.5 bath units, approximately 750 ft 2 each,3 bay garage in rear off alley. the property offers…