Choosing the Perfect Agent to Help You Find the Perfect Home

Choosing the Perfect Agent -When it comes to real estate agent in Hagersown, not all agents are created equal.  Although personality will ultimately play a vital role in how well everyone works together, you do need to find that perfect mix of personality, knowledge, and experience that will allow you to save time, avoid issues and help streamline the entire house hunting process.


Searching for agents in your general area or zip code is a decent way to begin.  Most of their profiles are online along with homes they probably have listed for sale.  However, the important information on which you need to base your decision is missing – how long have they been in real estate? What is their particular expertise (not everyone deals with the same properties)? How successful are they really?

Real estate is a fairly easy profession to get into, and even easier to quit.  The turnover is astronomical mainly because the mandatory coursework is virtually useless when it comes to what you need to know on the job.  Once the newcomers to the field realize they don’t have the tools to be successful, they tend to return to their old jobs within a short period of time.

As you research agents you would like to meet, make certain you ask them qualifying questions on which to base your final decision.  A qualified agent will have no problem discussing his experience and his successes with you.  Be careful of answers that sound like they are trying to skirt the issue.

Choosing the Perfect Agent

Here is a list of qualifying questions you need answers to before you even go see that first property:

  • How long have they been in real estate full time?  Full time is the key.  Many people don’t want to make that final commitment, so they try to work the business nights and weekends.  It doesn’t work out – for anyone involved.
  • How many properties have they listed?  If families don’t trust the agent with a six-month listing, there is a reason.
  • How long has she lived in the area?  Knowledge about a particular town or city is vital.  When hunting for a new home, you need to know about the area, the schools, churches, shopping, entertainment venues, etc.
  • What are their average sales per month?  Someone might tell you “I sold $2 million so far this year…” but that could also mean she sold one house in 8 months.  One lucky sale does not make a successful agent.
  • Does she preview every new property that comes on the market in her area?  If not, she is guaranteed to take you to properties she knows nothing about other than what’s on the MLS listing sheet.  In other words, she doesn’t know any more than you do.
  • What kind of car does she drive?  This might not seem like a fair question, but it is.  If she is driving around in a dirty 10-year-old Toyota, there is a reason – she can’t afford a better car because she isn’t making enough money.

Choosing the Perfect Agent

NEXT – once you actually head out to start viewing properties, does it become apparent that she has a good understanding of what you are looking for?  Or is she steering you towards properties she should know would have no interest to you?

A good agent will:

  • Always return calls and texts quickly even if it’s a standard “I’m busy right now, let me call you in 10 minutes” or something similar.  If you can’t reach her with questions in a reasonable amount of time, that’s a problem.
  • Be on time for appointments.
  • Keep you updated on new listings, offers on properties you are interested in, and any changes in listings you have viewed.
  • Market your property to the most qualified buyers and to other agents as well.
  • Know when to push you into a decision, and when to step back.

Choosing the Perfect Agent

Choosing the Perfect Agent . Can you work with multiple agents?  Of course.  This is common when you might be looking in more than one area.  Agents typically become experts in one particular region.  Although they are licensed to do business in the entire state in which their license was issued, a wise agent will restrict her personal territory to what she is already familiar with.

If the agent you originally chose doesn’t seem to be doing the job you had hoped for, feel free to find another.  You are under no obligation to continue your relationship with her.

On a final note, to keep things as civil as possible, and keep in mind that it’s never a good idea to mix business with family or friends.  In other words, your best friend or your Aunt Sally or your next door neighbor might all be in real estate, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel obligated to use them to find a house.  If problems occur, or if you don’t buy from them, there are guaranteed problems that are sure to follow.  Prevent these issues by simply finding an outside party who has the experience and background you need.


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