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The Rental Home Long-Term Investment Plan

The Rental Home Long-Term Investment Plan

The Rental Home Long-Term Investment Plan Whatever your age, a rental home in Hagerstown can be an excellent investment.  If you have 10 to 30 years to build a portfolio for retirement, rental property is an even better asset class.  There are the normal ways in which investments return profits and grow, and there are…

The Ultimate Retirement Cash Flow Portfolio

Ultimate Retirement Cash Flow  in Hagerstown-There is not a better way to build up a retirement cash flow than rental real estate.  Between the safer leverage than other investments and the tax advantages, there is not a better way to fund the retirement lifestyle you want.

177 Berkson Avenue, HAGERSTOWN, MD 21740

177 Berkson Avenue

177 Berkson Avenue – We did it Once again, just Closed another 12 Unit Multi Family property in Hagerstown. Investors come from all walks of life making the city of Hagerstown a great place to invest and grow.  I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you, it’s been a pleasure.  Thank you Michael…

Fix-and-Flip 3-2-1 Profit Countdown

Fix-and-Flip in Hagerstown. This article walks the reader through the fix-and-flip process in a reverse order. The buyer is the most important and first element to work on for success. The Fix-and-Flip Investing in residential properties has become very popular, and not just because there can be very nice profits in the deal process. Several television…

New Business Owner

New Business Owner

New Business Owner New Business Owner in Hagerstown. I want to congratulate you on your new business venture in Hagerstown and finally becoming your own boss, You’ve always been the one who had lots of determination and focus. Happy to be able to help you become a business owner and be able to fulfill the American dream with entrepreneurial spirit, good…

Net Operating Income to Evaluate Commercial Properties

Net Operating Income Net Operating Income To Evaluate Commercial Properties. Net Operating Income or NOI is an important and widely-used metric for determining the selling price of a commercial building. All investors starting out in commercial real estateneed to understand what Net Operating Income or NOI means in real estate terms. To learn more CLICK HERE Roberto…

Cash Cow

Cash Cow Investment Property In Hagerstown Cash Cow – Nice Investment property. Little money Maker 4 Unit Apartment building with many upgrades and renovations including all new replacement windows, all city inspections and lead certificates available along with financial information, Great rental history, easy to mage, therefore just ready to collect rents!! Easy Cash Flow….

Search real estate listings FREE

Search real estate listings Free

Search real estate listings Free Search real estate listings FREE !  Search real estate listings by Map, City, Price or Location. The search platform allows you to search in real time for all types of real estate properties including commercial, office, industrial, retail or multi-family, also features real estate news on my Investors Resource page, common real estate questions and answers, mortgage information. I honestly enjoy…